Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OPINION: Facebook is SLOWLY RUINING Instagram..

Instagram's new Web Feed. Familiar-ish layout? (

As you may have known, Facebook acquired a small startup that is Instagram last April of 2012. Since then, the arguably most popular photo sharing mobile-first app is slowly growing its web presence thanks to its parent company. I know this sounds great for some people because we can now view our filter-heavy (or less) Instagram photos on the web, but to me there's one problem:


It's the year 2013, and a lot of people are now using smartphones. In fact, Facebook has touted that they have MORE users on mobile now. I know Facebook wants to prove that they can be "mobile-first", but even with that I am doubtful because of Graph Search going to the desktop first. Now I'm worried that it has to share the same fate as Facebook is. The effects of the change in the Terms of Service was already bad enough for Instagram, how much more if they become more like Facebook?

First, Instagram introduced Web Profiles (shameless plug, here's MINE), an easier way to view Instagram profiles when using a regular computer. Then, they introduced Badges for people to put them on websites. Then they have EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS for things that the people you follow do, new likes, comments, etc. Now, they have a full Web Feed which is basically Instagram's Home user interface on mobile, except that it's on the web.

What's next? Uploading photos directly from a computer? If that happens, Instagram would lose its appeal as a mobile-first app and be lumped in with Facebook and that makes me sad. If I had one wish for Instagram, it would be to just go back to being a startup again because for me, Facebook is trying to ruin Instagram. They better hope that the users won't leave.

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