Wednesday, January 30, 2013


First thing to do in the morning: Turn on the computer and open Facebook.
Last thing to do at night: Read Facebook and Twitter updates on my iPhone.

People these days are becoming what we call "hyper-connected", where they live and breathe through the internet and social networking. I've been thinking about the long-term effects of this and why they can't seem to let go even for just an hour. Before I go on with this, I would like to say that I myself am hyper-connected so I could be guilty with some of these situations. I am not a hypocrite, but I only want to point out things I've observed from people. Let's get this ra

There was one time when I went to church and I saw people texting DURING the homily. I really think this is disrespectful to a lot of people who are attending the mass, and most especially to God, who is the reason we celebrate it. It's not like the person who you're texting would just suddenly disappear. You can just text that person AFTER the mass. God is way more important than that.

Another instance of the effects of hyper-connectivity is when you're in a dinner with family or relatives. Instead of talking a lot with your relatives, you stare at your phone for a long time and sometimes, you don't even mind the people with you at that moment. Again, we still have time for that after we have talked with family.

One last instance that this is evident is in shopping malls. (I am certainly guilty for this one!) We ALWAYS use our phones around the mall. I can't really blame them though, if you can't really buy anything you see around the mall then might as well find something else to do. Food's not included, of course.

No matter what situation you are in, the modern smartphone or tablet has now invaded your life. It's just up to you if you control it or let it control you. Stay safe in cyberspace!

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